Vignettes 2016

Vignettes- 1-3 minute micro-short films- are intended to primarily learning and exploratory experiences that will potentially be released in January through February of 2017. The Vignettes are also intended to be opportunities for participants to collaborate, learn from one another, and to explore a wider range in creativity and style than would be possible when completing a longer production. This project is also a means of preparation for the 2017 launch of a production company for narrative fiction films with a focus on psychological dramas and thrillers. Several projects are in development for production in 2017, including an adaptation of the short story Where are you going, where have you been? by Joyce Carol Oates.


  1. Raise the Fire

  2. The Fire

  3. A Hit Man

  4. Psychomanteum

  5. A.I.da

  6. Skeletons in the Closet


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